abby-j photography

Client Closet Contract (actual contract to be signed at booking)

I, the client and/or my child (children), will be wearing garments from Abby-J Photography's Client Closet. In doing so, I agree to the following:

  • To the best of my ability, I will take great care of each garment during my session
  • I will make sure my children (or myself) do not participate in activities, during our session, that could easily damage these garments (unless instructed by photographer)
  • If garments get dirty or stained, due to my negligence, I will be responsible for dry cleaning services
  • If garments are ripped, torn, soiled or damaged in any way (beyond repair) I will be responsible for the cost to replace the garment (s)(prices range from $68 to $148/each piece)
  • If garments are ripped, torn, or damaged within repair, I will be responsible for repair services
  • Garments will NOT be taken home with me, under any circumstances
  • I agree that I will be given an opportunity to make sure the garment(s) fit comfortably before my session. If I decline such fitting, I agree that I am responsible for bringing a back-up garment from my home
  • I agree that once I choose a garment(s) and have made sure the garment fits, I will not hold the photographer responsible for my appearance in my photos or how it reflects the outcome of my session.
  • I agree that the session will not be refunded or rescheduled if I am not happy with the result of the garment(s)